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Plumbing Pipes

NATRAJ uPVC Pipes are manufactured using the highest grade quality resin which ensures the fulfillment of the basic need for clean and hygienic water. These pipes are manufactured as per ASTM D 1785 standard in Schedule 40, Schedule 80 & Schedule 120 pressure class. These pipes are manufactured with two different jointing methods:

Threaded Joints:
NATRAJ uPVC Plumbing Pipes are commonly available with CNC made threaded joints as per IS 554. It is fully compatible for jointing with GI pipes and fittings as per IS-1239 (Part1).

Solvent Cement Joints:
NATRAJ uPVC Plumbing Pipes are also available with Solvent Cement type of jointing for plain ended pipes. Proper importance is to be given for selection of Solvent Cement for this type of jointing. Natraj super grip solvent cement is best used for this process.

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Pipes are available in Nominal bore of ½ inch (15mm) to 12” (330mm) for all the three schedules viz Schedule 40, Schedule 80 & Schedule 120.

# Type Availability
1 Schedule 40, Schedule 80 & Schedule 120 - ½” (15mm) to 2” (50mm) Both threaded and solvent cement jojnting pipes are available
2 Schedules 40, schedule 80 & schedule 120 - 3” (80mm) to 12” (330mm) Only threaded jointing system is available
  • Building Plumbing
  • Water Distributor Mains
  • Swimming Pool
  • Salt Water Lines
  • Pipes for Hand Pumps
  • Dye Houses, Plating Industry
  • Sugar, Paper & Breweries
  • Coal Washing & Ash Handling
  • Aggressive / Corrosive Fluid Transportation etc
Features and Advantages
Features Advantages
Quality Raw Material Natraj uPVC Plumbing Pipes offer High Strength and Durability.
World class Machines Natraj uPVC Plumbing Pipes are manufactured on most sophisticated, state of the art machines to ensure a flawless product at every time.
Lighter in weight Easy Handling, Transportation and Installation.
Economical 1. Natraj uPVC Plumbing Pipes Cost Less than the other alternates.
2. Cost of Transportation, Handling and Installation is lower.
Excellent chemical resistance. 1. Non reactive with acidic and alkali substances in water.
2. Non corrosive, Ensures longer life cycle.
Non Conductive Offers excellent life avoiding Electro Chemical reactions, which generally lead to encrustation of pipes.
Longevity of Life Cycle Natraj uPVC Plumbing Pipes generally have a life cycle of upto 50 years, which saves on replacement and replenishment costs.
Quality Water Natraj uPVC Plumbing Pipes doesn't impart any colour, odour or taste to the water which flows through it.
Stringent quality standards Natraj uPVC Plumbing System offers a reliable piping system which is highly resilient, tough and durable with excellent impact and burst strength yet flexible enough to with stand external shocks which are absorbed unlike the other more rigid material.
Reliability Natraj uPVC Plumbing System offers many leverages like fast & easy push fit type solvent cement jointing which saves on time & cost of installation yet a long and reliable service life.
Leak proof joints Natraj uPVC Plumbing System offers a leak proof distribution system for water as well as a numerous number of chemicals like strong minerals and acids.
Low frictional losses Natraj uPVC Plumbing System have a smoother (inner) surface as compare to the alternate products keeping the frictional losses to the minimal.
Specification ASTM 1785 Pipe