AS PER IS 12818:2010
Casing pipes for Borewells/Tubewells

NATRAJ uPVC Casing & Screen (Filter) Pipes are manufactured as per IS 12818:2010 for the purpose of construction of the tubewells and borewells which is then used for lowering the pumps inside it for drawing water from the underground waterbed. These Borewells or Tubewells are one of the major sources of potable ground water in India specially for the rural areas.

In a typical borewell system screens pipes are positioned at the water bearing levels usually at the bottom to filter sand particles from water followed by casing pipes on top. In general cases same size of strainer and casing pipes is used for the entire system. However in specific cases to accommodate the pump set and to get higher yield at the upper levels higher size of casing pipes is also used which is attached to lower system using reducers.

uPVC Pipes being more resilient, non-corrosive and economical has successfully and effectively replaced the conventional metal piping materials.



We manufacture these uPVC pipes as per IS 12818 & DIN 4925 of following sizes:

Casing Pipes:

# Nominal Size Type Suitable for Depth
1 DN 6 Inch (150 mm) to 12 Inch (300 mm) Shallow Well Casings (CS) Pipes For depths not exceeding 80 mtrs
2 DN 1½ Inch (40 mm) to 12 Inch (300 mm) Medium Well Casings (CM) Pipes For depths beyond 80 mtrs and upto 250 mtrs
3 DN 4 Inch (100 mm) to 12 Inch (300 mm) Deep Well Casing (CD) Pipes For depths beyond 250 mtrs and upto 400 mtrs
Screen Pipes:

# Nominal Size Type
1 1½ Inch (40 mm) to 8 Inch (200 mm) Ribbed Medium Screen (RMS)
2 4 Inch (100 mm) to 8 Inch (200mm) Ribbed Deep Screen (RDS)

Borewells and tubewells

Features and Advantages
Features Advantages
Quality Raw Material. Offers High Strength & Durability.
State of the Art equipment. Keeps up with the consistency in quality & the prescribed specifications.
Excellent chemical resistance. Natraj Blue Casing Pipes are non corrosive, ensures longer life cycle.
Lighter in weight than the conventional Metal Pipes. Easy Handling, Transportation & Installation.
Economical Natraj uPVC Pipes cost Less than the other alternates. Cost of Transportation, Handling and Installation is lesser, being lighter in weight no cranes, welding machines or Diesel Gensets are required for installation.
Longevity of Life Cycle Natraj uPVC Pipes generally have a life cycle of 30 - 50 years, which saves on replacement & replenishment costs.
Non Conductive Offers excellent life avoiding Electro Chemical reactions, which generally lead to encrustation of pipes.
Quality Water Natraj uPVC Pipes doesn't impart any colour, odour or taste to the water which flows through it.
Excellent stiffness & strength. Excellent mechanical properties thus is capable of withstanding the hydraulic pressure the pipes are subjected to during construction of well.
Convenient & reliable. Natraj Casing Pipes have trapezoidal threads which provide easy & stronger joints.
Complement the well casing system. Natraj Screen Pipes facilitate optimum performance & safety by keeping the gravel pack & other foreign substances out of the well.
Supplement better yields Natraj Screen Pipes(Plain & Ribbed) have horizontal slots which enable laminar flow in to the well ensuring higher permiablity & reducing well entrance losses, thus saving pumping energy and higher yields.
Specification Casing Pipe
Specification Screen Pipe