Used in Borewells

Natraj uPVC Column Pipes are used in borewell systems to lower the pumpsets in the casing pipe to raise water.

Natraj uPVC Column Pipes are manufactured to sustain high tensile loads subjected on it by the weight of the Submersible Pumpset and vibration generated by it while running. These pipes have heavy duty square threads along with a separate socket attached to one end of the pipe. To ensure leak proof joints high quality EPDM rubber rings are provided on both ends of the pipe.


NATRAJ Submersible Column Pipes are available in sizes from 1 inch (25mm) to 4 inch (100 mm) ID & in standard 3 metre lengths. They are categorized under three categories SILVER (upto 100 ft), GOLD (100 ft to 200 ft), Diamond (200 ft to 350 ft) depending upon their depth of lowering.

  • Water transportation in Borewells/Tubewells.
  • Hanging of submersible pumps in Borewells/Tubewells
Features and Advantages
Features Advantages
Quality Raw Material Natraj UPVC Column Pipes offer high strength & durability.
World class machines Manufactured on most sophisticated, satrt of the art machine to ensure a flaw less prodcut at every time.
Easy handling, transporation & installation Natraj UPVC Column Pipes are lighter in weight than the conventional metal pipes.
Economical 1. Natraj UPVC Column Pipes cost less than the other alternates.
2. Cost of transportation , Handling and installation is lower, being lighter in weight no cranes, welding machines or Deisel Gensets are required for installation.
Exellent chemical resitance 1. Non reactive with acidic & alkali substances in water
2. Non corrosive, ensures longer life cycle
Non conductive 1. Offers excellent life avoiding electro chemical reactions, which generally lead to encrustation of pipes.
Longevity of life cycle 1. Natraj UPVC Column Pipes generally have a life cycle of upto 50 years, which saves on replacement & replenishment costs.
Quality water Natraj UPVC Column Pipes does not impart any colour, adour or taste in the eater which flows through it
Manufactured under strigent quality standers Natraj UPVC Column Pipes offer high strength to withstand the system load including the pipe weight & the water.
Exeeds in reliability Specially designed threads, crafted on specialised CNC machine provide excellent load bearing capacity
Low frictional losses Smoother (inner) surface as compared to the alternate products keeping the frictional losses to the minimal.
Leak proof joints Special rubber seal are provided along with the threads to ensure leak proof joints at high pressure ensuring smooth & optimum functioning of the system
Specification Column Pipe
Installation Guide
Specification Column Pipe